Sep 5, 2008

Come up with a good thesis topics

Well, thesis topics are very important for this academic writing type. First of all, try to create such thesis topic that is interesting for you, then for the readers and in general useful for the science.

  • You can involve your tutor/guide,seniors,collegue in this process, may be he\she can give you some pieces of advice and can help you to formulate your ideas in a correct way. His\her experience and your imagination can create a good thesis topic.
  • Also, it is possible to use different past theses and look through already existed thesis topics in your institute. May be you can find something that you like, change it a little and create your own exclusive thesis topic
  • The topic for thesis should be interesting and clear. It is not necessary to write large thesis topic in order to inform the reader. The completed thesis project should provide new information and insight to the thesis guide, the other faculty members, and other students who read it.
  • The author is able to accomplish this goal by having delved into literature on a special subject that may not have been previously reviewed by those who read the thesis, or at least, the subject has not been previously reviewed at the same depth and/or with the same focus. What is reported in the thesis should be able to stimulate the interested reader to examine certain areas further, and reveal even more.
  • The thesis subject may inspire one to pursue that area of specialization or it may reveal that it is an area that is not so desirable after all. Still, you should pick a subject that represents a potential area of specialization, if not for you, then for some of your colleagues who will be able to read your thesis and be inspired by it.
  • When you research your topic, you will have to look through a broad range of information resources and will find some items difficult to retrieve or access
  • Thesis topic can not be in the form of the question. The question is difficult to disclose in an appropriate way. So, try to avoid such thesis topic type.

thesis topic for medical student: Finding a Thesis Topic

thesis topic for medical student: Finding a Thesis Topic

Sep 3, 2008

Contents of Thesis

  1. The research work is presented as a formal bound thesis during the third year and must fulfill the following minimal requirements:
    2.Aims and Objectives
    3.Review of literature
    4.Materials and Methods
    5.Observations/ Analysis of Data/ Results
    7.Summary and Conclusion
    8.References/ Bibliography
    9.Appendices i.e. Glossary, Performa, Master Chart

Finding a Thesis Topic

Doing a thesis for getting MD/MS/ DNB degree is mandatory.
If you have a good idea of what you want to do your dissertation on, you will get a head start on the thesis, or may decide that you're not interested in pursuing the topic after all (saving yourself a lot of work and grief farther down the road).
Generally speaking, a good thesis topic is interesting to you, to your guide, and to the research community.
To finish quickly, it's usually best to pick a narrow, well defined topic. The downside of this approach is that it may not be as exciting to you or to the research community.
If you're more of a risk-taker, choose a topic that branches out in a new direction. The danger here is that it can be difficult to carefully define the problem, and to evaluate the data you develop.